Become part of Trans Rescue.

We are an all volunteer organization doing very serious work. Volunteering with us can be very satisfying. You will know people in desperate danger, and then one day be able to meet them in person, safe in a new country.

Before selecting a volunteer opportunity, we suggest you assess your own strengths and weaknesses. Are you emotionally in a stable and safe enough place to work with someone desperate that you can’t immediately help?

Some of our most valuable members are recent immigrants. There is no substitute for direct experience. And knowledge of the language and culture of our client is invaluable.

Much of our work is conducted in English. If your primary objective is to practice your Dutch language skills, a different opportunity might be better.

You don’t need to be queer. We’re happy to have supportive cisgender volunteers.

Local work mostly happens at our offices. Two of our board members live at 103 Schietbaanweg in Enschede. Often we have a recent extractee living with us. We have converted the attic to an office, but much of the work also happens in our living room. If you’re with us at meal times we’ll feed you, tasty Mexican, traditional American, British farmhouse, or whatever culinary delights our passengers cook.

We manage our volunteers through m-pact.