Moving people is a game of several moves. We might help someone move from their abusive parent’s house to a temporary location like a hotel, then move on to a less expensive temp rented room or airbnb. Then they might wait a month for a visa, fly to another country, again wait in a room while we get them a route to a safe country. It’s a brutal waiting game.

To cut costs and because sometimes our clients can’t pay for a room without being apprehended, we want to establish trans havens.

We also have, from time to time, other special projects.

  • Eden House – A Trans Haven in Kenya

    In a country as large as Kenya, one place can be relatively safe while another is deadly for trans people. We can often save folks simply by getting them to another part of the country, and, often, away from parents.

    A local ally rang us up recently with the sad news that there were 8 trans women in terrible conditions in a coastal town. A good-hearted local man was helping them, but he was out of funds and needed help.

    They need out, and we’re getting them out.

    But we need a place to house them, and time is short.

    During Ramadan (when I’m writing this) religious sentiments will run high, so we’re waiting til after Eid (May 3) to do the move, at the women’s urging. An election is coming up, with more violence, so we have a narrow window between May 1 and June 15 to get them out.

    Kenya has needed a trans haven for a long time. Now it’s an absolute necessity.

    We want to rent a large apartment in Nakuru – a compromise between the most urbanized, accepting area and a reasonable cost of living. We’ll furnish it and set up a self government scheme.

    We are working with local partners to provide training programs, mostly trade school type programs. Pastry chef, hairdressing, and similar occupations. These are often the entry to a reasonable standard of living in Kenya.

    This is the implementation of a long term goal. We’ve been talking about establishing a trans haven in Kenya for 8 months. It’s time to do it.

    Please help us. This work will cost 4000 € now, and another 4200 € over the next six months.

    We believe we can find a corporate sponsor for ongoing costs, but we have to start this from the community.

    Here’s our estimated costs

    Eden House Costs

    1700 EUfurnishings
    1000 EUTravel - staff member to Kenya for extraction & setting up
    500 EUExtraction costs
    400 EUDeposit/first month's rent
    400 EUWe sent a local volunteer on a reconnaissance mission
    4200 EUFirst 6 months rent, food, utilities, etc.