Still In Danger

  • Rudy’s On Her Way, Nancy Isn’t. We Need Your Help!
    Long-time followers of our social media presence will know that we’ve been supporting a pair of Egyptian trans women over the last year. Rudy and Nancy are pseudonyms for a pair who have been on the run from both their … Read more
  • Trans Woman Assaulted in Kenya
    May 25, Mombasa Rita, a trans woman in coastal Kenya, was assaulted on May 15 at her restaurant chef job, after the restaurant owner learned she was trans. He and another employee attacked her, probably giving her a concussion and … Read more
  • Walim – Egypt
    Engineers are born, not made, it seems. Some people are in love with machines and will tinker endlessly if allowed. Sadly, in some places people seen as women still aren’t allowed. Often our work at Trans Rescue isn’t about fighting … Read more
  • Ife – life in Nigeria
    Ife is a beautiful young (21) trans woman from Nigeria. She’s surviving on street hustles. Five minutes talking with her and you realize how intelligent she is. She’s well read and can talk about gender theory like a western baby … Read more
  • Sara – Intersexed in Iran
    Sara is an intersexed woman with an undiagnosed sex hormone issue. She lives in a small town in northern Iran. She’s unable to have the issue properly diagnosed or to obtain supportive medical care. The local authorities, and Sara herself, … Read more
  • Maeen Aldahbali
    I’m Maeen Aldahbali from Yemen. Im currently in Egypt. I’ve been shot, humiliated, tortured and jailed. As a young Yemeni born in 1998 I dream of a peaceful life and brighter future for me and all youth of my community. … Read more

We Got Them Out

  • Layla, From My Perspective
    Jenny List Our passengers usually travel alone, faceless beings in the global air transit system. That anonymity is their shield, because they warrant only brief inspection among the crowds hurrying for their flights. As a blind passenger Layla wasn’t so … Read more
  • Blind Trans Woman Escapes Saudi Arabia
    Today a young Saudi trans woman is safe in the asylum system of a European country.  Layla Al Darwish was born with the misfortune not only of being trans in the most repressive country on Earth, but with retinitis pigmentosa, … Read more
  • Women Attacked in Bundibugyo, Uganda
    Bundibugyo, Uganda In the early morning hours of Wednesday, Dec 14, 2022, the house where five trans women lived together in Bundibugyo Uganda was raided by police. Three of the women managed to flee, but two others were beaten by … Read more
  • When Trans People Are Registered.
    Passenger report of misuse of medical records
  • Rayan – Saudi Arabia
    Last year Rayan’s situation seemed hopeless. As a ‘female’ in his home country of Saudi Arabia, he had little control over his life. His wealthy, powerful, and criminal father ruled the family with an iron fist. He’d been threatened with … Read more