Gloria – Ghana

I’m Gloria, from Ghana. My pronouns are she/her/hers and I identify as a lesbian. After realizing I liked girls at the age of 9, it wasn’t difficult, even at that age, to know that this was not something I could be open about. Through the years I managed to keep a low-profile, but as I got older it became more difficult to suppress who I was. I was almost dismissed from my high school based on rumours around my sexuality. In December 2021, I was thrown out by my sister, with whom I used to live, after she made the conclusion that I was a lesbian having seen lesbian content on my YouTube feed. Between December 2021 and March 2022, I moved around staying with a couple of friends.

Until the beginning of 2021, there was less to fear for being a lesbian in Ghana if you managed to keep it secret. Following the opening of a new LGBT office in Ghana in December 2020, was the awakening of the highest level of distasteful bigotry from the citizenry. The newly opened office was forcefully closed, and an anti-LGBT bill was drafted. Currently, the anti-LGBT bill is being debated in parliament. This bill seeks to further criminalise homosexuality and imprison any members of the LGBT community as well as allies and advocates for LGBT rights. Hate crimes against members of the LGBT+ community have since soared in the country with the most common group, gays and lesbians, being highly targeted. The series of events has inspired a witch-hunt with groups actively targeting and attacking members and suspected members of the LGBT community, with no protection from the law enforcement.

It has always been my dream to relocate to a much safer country once I had the means. To have a good job, a beautiful wife and a lovely family without facing jail time, or death. Unfortunately, this bill and the tension it has created in the country makes it impossible for me to fulfil my dream in my own time. I am a highly skilled graphic artist and a frontend web developer with a lot of potential who can succeed with your support to get me to safety. I volunteer with my local LGBT rights organisation and with Trans rescue as a graphic artist and it is my greatest desire to continue to contribute to the betterment of the lives of the members of the LGBT community in any way possible. Thank you for your contribution to my safety.

Note from us at Trans Rescue

Gloria’s done some amazing work for us. She’d make a great graphic arts hire. Her portfolio is here

Most descriptions of our clients have details changed. This one does not.