Are You Ready To Move?

We help trans people move from countries, regions, or situations where they’re in danger to those where they are safe. If you are trans and need help fleeing a dangerous place, you are in the right place.

The first step is to decide if you’re ready to move. This article is about making that decision.

We do not and can not give you money to support yourself. We give grants to people to help them move. This might be buying a plane ticket. Sometimes we give people money to live on while they are actually moving, but only if they’re actually in a hiding place, or for immediate post-move ‘getting established’. We DO NOT give people money to live on before or after.

We can do little for you if you are in immediate danger RIGHT NOW. We can sometimes help the same day (eg if you’ve just fled from your family). But we’re on the internet, we can’t send a helicopter.

The process of emigration can take time – sometimes months, more often 90+ days, not infrequently over a year. So start early.

If you are hesitating because others are in more danger – please don’t. We will help you get out of Texas, the UK, or Brazil as well as Iran. We’re not ‘help me get with my girlfriend’. We don’t move people out of safe places.

WE CANNOT HELP YOU IF YOU ARE A MINOR. If you are under the age of majority (18 in most countries, 21 in some) we cannot help you. PLEASE – don’t even request an intake appointment unless you are within 1 year of becoming an adult.

If you will be an adult soon, we can talk with you and plan, but we cannot help you actually move until you are an adult.

If you are ready to move, the next step is to understand our process for moving you.