Trans Rescue

We help trans*, intersex, and other people flee places where it is dangerous to be trans.
We help them reach places of safety and reasonable quality of life.
We do so legally and securely.

I need advice!

If you are a trans person who feels like their country is becoming less safe for trans people, and are thinking about leaving, but don’t feel you need the full on “help me escape” (typically, if you’re in a country like the US or UK), we are offering ‘office hours’ to discuss your to help clarify your options for leaving. We’re available from 1800-2100 CEST time on fridays.

Weekly Office Hours
Friday 6:00pm til 9:00pm or the conversation ends (Amsterdam time)
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(NL) +31 20 257 4599‬ PIN: ‪684 106 374‬#
More phone numbers:

We no longer offer the hour long advice appointments – the ‘office hours’ replace them with less administrative overhead on everyone’s part.

I need help!

If you are a trans person in a part of the world where trans people are under threat, and you are in serious danger, we may be able to help you.
We will not ask you for money, we fund our extractions.
Above all, we preserve your privacy.
when you apply you’ll schedule an interview. We don’t want people hanging, not knowing where their case is.

Currently we are not moving anyone else until we’ve reduced our backlog .

Help Us

On average, it costs us about €2500 to move one of our clients to safety. Sometimes this figure can be considerably higher. We never take a cent from our clients, and we don’t give up on a client if the costs of moving them mount up.


Our organization runs 99% on volunteers. If you have skills and experience working with people in difficulty, with global languages, with the intricacies of global travel, or in keeping a non-profit running smoothly, we want to hear from you.

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